About Me

This is a short page to give you guys a little bit of information about me. So, let’s start at the beginning. My name is Yassin and I am from England.

Having lived in England my whole life I understand how much we use gas central heating and other electrical resources to heat our homes. We spend many winter months wearing shorts and a t-shirt inside our homes when it’s freezing outside.

We have become far too used to having as much power as we need whenever we need it and this has lead to a wasteful approach to our ways of living.

I studied insulation and building materials at university and I have really enjoyed learning about the most cost effective and economical ways to insulate the home.

I am passionate about providing information to the general public about what it means to insulate the home, how to do it in the best way and how it will save you money and save the environment at the same time.

It’s a win win situation so there is absolutely no reason not to do this. Everyone should do their bit for the environment and make sure that they aren’t using resources unnecessarily.

I hope to try and bring some useful information to the public on this site so I hope that anyone reading this funds it useful at least in some way.