The Top Polluted Cities in the World and Why

Today, around the world there are a lot of different countries that are absolutely awful when it comes to living conditions. This is not to say that they are in developing areas, but rather they have a great amount of pollution. Today, there are a lot of polluted cities, some of which are absolutely terrible to be around. If you’re looking at the most polluted cities in the world, then you’ll want to see the following list of options that are ranked as the worst of the bunch. These are the worst cities in regard to pollution and it seems to be something that has no end in sight. These are based on rankings as of 2018, but there could always be shifts here and there, of course.

Zabol, Iran

The main reason why there’s a great deal of pollution here is that of the dust storms that hit the Arabian desert. The desert creates a great deal of dust and hits with meteorological elements that damage the city and the lungs as well. The dust can be quite immense, and the pollution can make sunny days look brown, and hard to see through. Within a few hours of breathing the elements, asthma, and other lung infections can form.

Gwalior, India

Another very polluted city that you will find to be ranked on nearly every list and one that is not going to have much help in terms of pollution is that of Gwalior. This is a city in India that has been ranked as one of the most polluted in the world. The reason why this is true is because of population density at first. Aside from the population density, you’ll find that a large amount of burning garbage piles, and fossil fuels leave a lot of contaminants in the air, which don’t seem to drop at all. The hazardous air is one thing, but the constant hustle and bustle in this city cause a great deal of smoke, and pollution to be prominent throughout the city.

Allahabad, India

India has another city on this list that you will want to consider overall. This Indian city has a great deal of pollution due to the coal burning that goes on in the city. The city has a great deal of coal-burning plants, and if that’s not enough, the population also plays a role. The population creates a lot of vehicular emissions, alongside the lack of vegetation and more. A great deal of deforestation has caused a great deal of change here, and if that’s not enough, there’s a great deal of dust that comes through as a result. Mixing population density, wind patterns, and the coal-burning plants all combine for a difficult run up against pollution. There seems to be no end in sight, either.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Focusing on the Middle East again, you’ll find that there is a severe amount of pollution in the city of Riyadh. This city has a lot of sandstorms that come through thanks to the Arabian desert, but aside from that, you’ll find that there’s a bit more to be concerned with. The factories and vehicles that are going through the city also send out a lot of particles that go into the air, and much more. Saudi Arabia has seen a great deal of changes and focus that have contaminated the air, and without a great deal of forestry to break up the dust, you’ll find that it can be hard to inhale, etc. This is ranked as one of the top polluted cities in the world on many different levels, that’s for certain.

Bamenda, Cameroon

Focusing on a new solution, you’re going to find that Cameroon has a great deal of trouble in terms of pollution. Bamenda, Cameroon is a city that has a great deal of trouble and it starts with the fact that the country and city has seen a lot of deforestation. Not only has a lot of the forestry been cut down, the weather patterns have caused the wind to pick up on emissions and more that cause the air to be in poor quality often. Not only that, poverty, and lack of industrialization has also caused a great deal of problems as well. Bamenda’s shift in weather is one reason to cause alarm, but there’s a lot more to consider as well, as this is a city that has a great deal of pollution in the air, and not a whole lot to stop it.

Xingtai, China

With the push forward of industry, also comes pollution in many instances. One of the most polluted cities in the world is that of Xingtai. This is a city in China that has seen a big boost in a lot of ways. The industries here that have been pushing forward progress have also allowed a great deal of pollution into the air, and that’s causing serious problems in terms of the water, and the air quality alike. With that in mind, the main reason why pollution keeps coming through is due in large part to the industrial steel manufacturing plants that line up this area. They bring about a great deal of pollution to the city, and there seems to be no end in sight.

Kampala, Uganda

Speaking of pollution, you’re going to find that Uganda has a serious issue as well. Kampala is a city that has a great deal of pollution and seemingly no end in sight. Since 2016, the emission levels from cars and other vehicles has been astronomically high. Unlike other large cities around the world, there are no emissions standards or anything that is cutting down on the pollution, making this a serious threat to the air quality in and around the city of Kampala.

As you can see, there are a great number of polluted cities today. It’s something that is simple to find when you start digging a little deeper. It’s a serious problem that most don’t even realize is continuing across large cities around the world.