Best Apps to Track Daily Energy Usage

Best Apps to Track Daily Energy Usage

Today more than ever before, you’re going to find that there are a lot of different ways that you can track energy usage. Tracking energy is a good thing, as it could help you go green, and assist the environment. Also, you could end up saving a lot of money, helping the environment, and so much more. If your goal is to focus on tracking daily energy, you’ll want to look into a few notes on what apps can help you with daily energy usage.

As with anything that you will find today, you’ll find that there are a lot of different things that can help you track energy consumption, apps, and more. Technology can come through and help you with a lot of upgrades, and could very well save you money today. If you’re looking at saving money, going green, and more, you’ll want to look at the following apps that can provide you with the right information. These are simple to work with and can be used within a few minutes to help you find what you’re doing right, what you may doing wrong, and what can help you with more efficient living today. Looking online for things like green app, is a good way to move forward, but you’ll find that this is a difficult thing to work with, and could have a lot of options to run down with. As a result, the following are the best solutions to look into right now.

Green Outlet

Going green has never been easier, and with the highly reviewed Green Outlet app, you could very well figure out what is going on with your energy consumption and more. The app helps you with figuring out which of your home appliances are sucking up the most electricity, and more. After you download the app, you will be able to enter a few personal elements, and figure out what you are spending on average, per month. You can calculate the monthly rate, per day, and average of what you’re dealing with in terms of carbon usage. If your goal is to ensure that you’re going green and making moves, than this app is going to help you get the right framework, moving forward. The goal of course is to ensure that you are in the know of what energy consumption you’re dealing with, and well, that is a matter of factoring very specific, personal information. Some don’t like that, but it’s going to allow you to figure out the dollars and cents of this solution overall.

Energy Cost Calculator

Those that are using iOS, you’ll find that you can use this option with relative ease. This is a cost option that will help you calculate energy costs and break down a lot of different equations regarding what energy consumption you’re really facing in your home today. What’s great about this well-reviewed app is that you will be able to break down a number of different elements overall. This app tracks costs per day, week, month, and year, and you can focus on how that all breaks down based on the money you’re spending for energy per month. Simply put, this is a tracker that is going to help you establish the right way to budget your energy, as it will show you where it’s going and how much you’re paying as a result. Simply put, this is a great option to consider overall.


Another great app to consider focusing on energy consumption overall is that of the Smappee app. The goal of this app is to look into the associated costs of using energy on a regular basis. You will once again have to add a few notes to figure this out, but the main focus is to look into how you are using your energy, and what you’re paying for it. The cool thing about this application is that it can help you in real time. That’s right, it analyzes home energy usage for 30 days, and can give you up to the minute solutions with a few clicks. This app allows you to ensure energy consumption that you are having in the home, thanks to appliances and much more.

Power Cost Monitor

Homeowners that want to focus on power consumption will enjoy this app and how it can help with all sorts of energy solutions. This is an app that focuses on energy consumption with the information that is available to homeowners. It can work in real time as well, but like other apps on this list, requires a bit of information to be placed into the app for it to work. There are several options that are tied to this application, and you’ll find that it can help with energy usage information, as well as cost break downs in a lot of different arenas. If you want to save money, and want to ensure that you will be able to navigate energy consumption and usage, this app will definitely help you get the right information, fast.

Nest Mobile

There are a lot of people that will purchase the Nest Learning Thermostat, and that’s a good thing. Alongside that comes Nest Mobile. Nest Mobile is a good solution and it is easy to work with. This can help you with complete control over all of the energy consumption that you have in the home. The app will also give you a rundown of energy usage across your history, and the area that you’re in. If will show you what temperatures that you’re running within your home, and will make automatic adjustments and more.

At the end of the day, you’re going to find that there is a lot of options to explore in terms of technology and green app solutions.  You can always look online for things like, green app, but you’re going to find that there are just so many listings today, that it’s easier to get a rundown of the best. The above options are some of the best right now, but there could always be more coming through app stores of all types.